i think i’ve been chosen

i see signs and omens
my mind is open
my eyes are closin’

time is frozen.

i think i’m dreaming

i might be leaving
what i believed in
for a whole new being.

the world i’m seeing

is totally different from society’s rigid concept of “reality”. sometimes i’m so indifferent about so many things, so i understand why you’re so made at me. but you have to understand that so many things don’t even matter to me. if i was not meant to run, why would i care about who’s faster than me? you mistake my relaxed state for laziness when actually i am working harder than the underpaid slaves in overseas factories. i am a machine. finely tuned by the hands of God.

i was awake in my sleep when an angel began to speak,
"it is time you become aware of who you are about to be"
i used to think this was something i was not allowed to see
but she proceeded to show me my future and pointed it out to me.

"are you ready?" she asked
"of course." i replied
then she said goodbye
and i opened my eyes

it was raining outside
but i saw the light
it felt like i woke up
for the very first time.

i know i’ve been chosen

i see signs and omens
my mind has been opened
time isn’t frozen.

the clock’s quickly ticking

so when the Universe speaks
make sure that you listen…


No longer available.


like the turtle
to the home of his shell

i think
i found peace
in the depths of myself.