"Don’t worry about what the world needs. Worry about what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive."


dressed like a thief trying to blend in with the night

i put my hood over my head

and sit in front of the class.

i wear a hoodie even when it’s hot outside

partially because the room is freezing

but mainly because i’m black.

any question that is asked, i’m the first one to raise my hand

providing certain knowledge

that no other student can.

i read ahead and make sure to complete every task

partially so i can pass

but mainly because i’m black.

They don’t expect us to be great
They expect us to be late
Sitting in the back
With our arms under our face

Which is why
I have to be
The best student
That my teacher
Will ever see.

Like a thief
I steal
The rich man’s knowledge
While I’m wearing
My hood.

Robin Hood
The System’s knowledge
To give it back
To the hood.

You’d think I’m up to no good
If you saw me outside of class
Partially based on my clothes
But mainly because I’m black

As a matter of fact
You would probably shoot me
But if you knew the true me
You would probably salute me

This life is a war
We must fight
With our minds

Nobody wins
When everyone dies.

dressed like a thief trying to blend in with the night,

my hood over my head,

i stand out with my mind.

and every time my answer is right,

i can feel the glance of the class.

partially because the question was hard

but mainly because

i’m black…


they don’t know you
they don’t know what you’ve been through
they don’t know what you’re doing
they don’t know what you can do.

they don’t know you
they don’t know what you went through
they don’t know a thing
so what they think shouldn’t affect you.

imagine being graded
by students
who know just as much
as you,
it wouldn’t make sense
to take
what they say
as truth.

they don’t even know themselves
so how could they know you?
although you deserve respect
remember, they don’t owe you.

so they will give you
what they want
whether or not
it is fair.

if they judge you
just stay humble,
they are all


i was told
a picture
is worth
a thousand

every portrait
portrays a portion
of a story
that will have only
been told once.

if i took
a thousand pictures
of the sunlight
that radiates
from your smile

i’m sure

there still
wouldn’t be
enough words
to describe
what you mean
to me.


a picture
may be worth
some words


in your presence
is where i find
the definition

of life.


i want to be the voice
in the world’s circle
of conversation
that says the most
without saying too much.

people hate
when the loud man talks
but they listen
when the quiet man speaks.

in his tranquil silence
you can hear
his power,
among the destructive screams
of those who’s minds are weak
you will hear
his peace.


in its purest form
is simplicity.

will always be