i was the ocean in my past life. a baby born in a grave. i didn’t cry when i came out of my coffin. Mother Earth rained tears of joy upon my arrival. the precipitation of her pupils feeding the seed of my soul. in the eye of the storm, i am. i like it here. i was once the ocean. now i am in it. submerged in my own being. exploring my inner self similar to divers who have purposely gone too far because they would rather die exploring the unknown than stand another day on the wretched land. wrecked relationships make for eerie explorations. what once floated on waves of love is now in pieces at the floor of my mind. a new She may accompany me but i will not allow her to set foot in the drowned ships of my past. this too shall crash. i keep swimming. fish in the sea are abundant, yet there is not enough for me. due to the amount of time i spend in the depths, i’ve learned to not rely on oxygen. i’ve learned to not rely on anything. i was once the ocean. i am now in it. swimming. trying to understand what used to be me.

i’m starting to think that i’m in too deep.

i wish God made more of you so i could meet you for the first time forever.


i’d drive for miles because you drive me wild
i know years of pain hide behind your smile
you can borrow my lips
if that’s what it takes
to see that crescent moon rise
on the sky of your face.


"you be acting tough, that’s fine, but the weight of the world could really crush one’s mind…"


took control of my situations and stopped letting my situations control me.

if you believe hard enough, anything can (and will) happen.

it’s easier to be controlled than it is to take control.

it’s easier to sit around asking why than it is to go out and create your own answers.

it’s easier to stay down than it is to get up.

the easy way is rarely the best way.

life gets hard, so you have to go harder.

there is nothing you can’t do.

whatever you want, just believe in it, and it’ll come.

sooner or later.

just don’t take the easy way out.

you’ll regret it in the long run.

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Title: UnknownBy Your Side (Neptunes Remix)
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if you’re a creator: create

if you’re a hater: hate

if you’re a baker: bake

if you’re a waiter: wait.. or serve.. or whatever.

it doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure you do it. and do it often. as much as possible. every second of every minute of every day. don’t ever stop doing what you do. do you until there’s no you left. create until creating is as natural as breathing. sometimes, you want to do nothing. but nothing equals nothing and i’m sure you want something out of life.

so yea, stop wasting time.

get up and make something of yourself.