It’s really difficult needing affirmation all the time. It won’t always be there. A flower has to learn to be okay during the nighttime. 


loneliness was an illusion for unsatisfied thirst


in the beginning
God created
your beauty
and this beast.

and this beast
was without warmth
and void; and emptiness
was upon the face
of his heart.

and the Spirit
of God
upon the soul
of this monster.

and God said
Let there be Love:
and there was you.

and God saw this Love
that you were good:
and God combined
your beauty
with this beast.

and God called this Love “light”
freeing this beast from the night

and every evening
and every morning

feels like

the first day.


She’s the kind of girl
you don’t
take home
to mom.

She’ll spend up all your money
take up all your time
then she’ll take
your mind.

French kiss
lock lips
watch this
take you on a trip.

I’ve been around the world
had a lot of girls
but they never ever
made me feel like this.

Oh no….


this love

i feel it in my soul…

Oh no…


this drug

can’t let it take control…

of me.

illdyversity said: ayyye triple d all day boi

*plays “Southside Da Realest”*