they teach us
not to
question God
i need a few answers.

why do children
die young?
why do mothers
have cancer?

they teach us
not to
question God
i just want to know

why do evil
the efforts to grow?

why must buildings explode?
why do i walk down the road
and see piles of bodies
stacked up like old dirty clothes?

why do the bad guys have power?
why only 24 hours?
why do those who are the sweetest
always get treated so sour?

why can’t peace be the norm?
why hide the sun behind storms?
why do evil spirits linger here
in so many forms?

i have so many questions
but they tell me don’t ask
so i just sit and observe
from the back of the class

some things i won’t understand
and that, i have to accept
maybe God is still working
maybe He isn’t done yet

maybe He’s one of us
and He makes mistakes too
so in the midst of all this
i still have to thank You

For everything that You’ve done
and everything You will do
i know You’re trying your best
i hope You get it right soon

i know i can’t fill Your shoes
i hope i make the right moves
but sometimes i lose faith
and i know you question me too…

"Originality and a feeling of one’s own dignity are achieved only through work and struggle."


she walks in cursive
her lips rhyme with mine
poetry in motion
i can quote every line

of her existence.

a phenomenal woman, indeed
written in body language
i am willing to read
the greatest piece that i’ve seen
is simply her in her sleep
nothing is more beautiful
than beauty at peace.

her soul is a simile
her mind a metaphor
i’ve been through plenty of books
but this one i’ve not read before

we are pen and pad
every touch, a new line
she is the kind of poetry
that does not leave the mind…