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Art by Folasade

Dave (The Mohicans) - Where’s Dave?
Stream/Download: https://justdave.bandcamp.com/album/wheres-dave

Dave (The Mohicans) - Feelingz.
Stream/Download - https://justdave.bandcamp.com/album/feelingz

when i have nothing left,
you make me feel right.
love like this is a rare occasion,
but we eclipse every night.

my shine was so dim
until you made it so bright
if i could, i would watch
our eclipse the whole night.

when you’re gone, i am grey
although i don’t need your light
this space feels much better
when we eclipse through the night.

i reside in the darkness,
but your life is my light.
they wish they could see
how we eclipse every night…

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i believe in God.

i believe God believes in me.

i don’t believe in rules.

i do believe God still needs to teach.

i believe He places us in valleys,

so we can appreciate the peaks.

i believe we have to be knocked down

to truly appreciate our wings.

i believe my destiny is written.

i believe in things i can not see.

i still believe in us,

even if you don’t believe in me.

what do you believe in?

what is “truth” to you?

don’t believe their lies,

you’ll find the truth lies in you.

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it can be about anything. these kids aren’t babies and deal with realer situations than most of us. what’s some knowledge you’d like to pass down? all answers are appreciated.

Anonymous asked: What does that would mean to you? Dormant ?

dor·mant :

adjective \ˈdr-mənt\ 

: not doing anything at this time : not active but able to become active

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I’d rather die enormous than live dormant… Jay Z

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