if you’re in love.

if you’re in love, i pray you never fall out.

i hope you always have someone to sing those songs about.

if you’re in love, i pray you never let it leave

i hope they take your breath away but also help you breathe.

if you’re in love, don’t be afraid to be afraid

if they love you like you love them then you’ll be okay.

when you’re in love, you never thought you’d find it

i don’t think that love is blind but i know love is blinding

because when you’re in love

there’s no reminders

that nothing lasts forever

so we don’t remember

that even the greatest empires

will one day become dust

that glossy shine of the new steel

will one day become rust

the pronouns “me” and “you”

will one day become “us”

unfortunately, one of us

will take the “us” out of trust

and we’ll be treated to a dish which is best served never

these foul flavors of fate will feed our feelings forever

so if you’re in love, i pray that you remember

there’s a possibility you won’t always be together

so when you’re in love, be aware it might end

but if it’s real love, then you’ll always be friends…


you earn
what you deserve
no one deserves
to die.

the truth will set
things straight
no one deserves
a lie.

we don’t deserve the
same things
since we don’t have the
same plans

but the one thing
deserves is
a chance…


how do i say “i miss you” without sounding weak as hell?

how do i say “we should hang” without sounding like a creep as well?

how do i get the attention of a girl who has my attention?

how do i get to know her without asking too many questions?

how do i turn the volume down on this noise in my head?

how do i erase the scent from all these girls in my bed?

how can a lost soul like mine ever find peace of mind?

how can i fast forward without the chance to rewind?

how will i know when i’ve officially made it?

how will i know that my time wasn’t wasted?

how do i continuously fight feelings of impatience?

how do i seem to not get tired of waiting?

i don’t know how i do it

but i do it so well

and you tell me i’m great

but really

how can you tell?

"where the weed"

"Love me like I was dead."


all we want in this life is definitive truth. we want to see the full form of the facts that our faith only outlines. we want to be sure. we want to be rest assured that we will surely be at rest one day. out of all the things we want, major or minuscule, we all long for that feeling of knowing.

and that is the problem.

there is no way of knowing. we have to stumble blindly, eyes open, along this never ending dead end road of life. so long, yet so short. trying our best to decipher between the illustrious illusions of immortality and the morbid mockery our mortal existence has made of us. in constant search of something we’re not sure we’ll ever find. our identity. our existence. a reason to even exist.

we just want to know.

but nothing here can be proven until it is proven. and once it is proven, the proof goes away. along with your life. we never know until we are no longer here. and by then, it is too late.

or maybe it’s right on time.

maybe we weren’t meant to know. because if we knew, we wouldn’t live. maybe the reason for life can be found in the search itself. maybe we exist to question our existence. maybe we long to know because we know that we will never know everything.

or maybe Life is just one big “maybe”

and we just don’t know anything.

maybe we never will…