i want
to drink
a whole glass
of you.

i want
to taste
the flavor
of your soul.

i want
to smell
the scent
of love
after we make it.

i want
to roll your existence
into a joint
and inhale your essence
until i am so high
i begin to hallucinate
and see things
that aren’t even there.

like you, for example.

i will be lost in the confusion
of making reality out of illusions.
i will become a fan of self-deception
lost in inception.
living in a dreamworld
where only you and i exist.

and i’m ok with that
as long as i’m with you
i’m ok.

even if it is a dream

i’m ok with that…

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i’m bleeding
and you..
you are
the knife
that stabbed me.

i’m bleeding
and you..
you are
the bandage
that will heal me.

i’m dying
and you..
you are
the suspect
in question.

i’m dying
and you..
you are
the reason
i’m still here…

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it seems like

when i want nothing

i could have everything


when i want one thing

and one thing only

i just can’t have it.

i guess God is teaching me a lesson

i’m just having a hard time understanding.

it’ll all make sense though

soon enough.

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legendary film.
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random thinks.

death is never easy to deal with unless you’re the one dying. unless you’re already dead. dead to the world. permanently numb to the pain that comes with the loss of a loved one. pain is never easy to deal with unless you’re the one administering it. even then, you may become hurt by how much you hurt others. i believe dying is easy, so i am not scared of it. it has to be easy. because life is hard. and balance is everything. so to balance out the difficulty of life, i assume death must be peaceful and easy. no, i am not suicidal, but i am curious. who isn’t? who doesn’t wish they could just die for a split second to escape the woes of the world? to get away from the perils of pursuing happiness. to see if heaven is real… i’m sure the thought has crossed more minds than my own. but yea, death is never an easy thing to deal with. shoutout to anyone who has ever lost anyone. i feel you and i feel for you. and although dying and joining them may seem like the easy way out, try living a little more and see what good you can find out here. there’s not much, but it is here. you just have to search for it. search reeeeeeeallly hard. find as much good as you can and never let it go. let it overflow and take over your soul. stay away from the negative and don’t let the demons bring you down. death is never easy to deal with and life is just as hard, but keep pushing. just try not to die while you’re still alive.

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(via Circa 85)

Dave who is known for his role as one-half of the infamous rap duo The Mohicans has been on aconsistent wave of releasing independent projects. Less than three weeks ago he released Where’s Dave? which consisted of all types of beats, tempos, and lyrical content. However, this time Dave has blessed his fans with a more focused theme by dedicating all of his songs to romance on Feelingz. This follows the poetic pattern that he utilizes in both his rap and his spoken word projects. Listen to the production and you will find samples of classic love songsbelonging to Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, and more. Definitely worth the listen.

Download/Stream: http://justdave.bandcamp.com/album/feelingz

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stick to your dreams and don’t be scared to cry. Lil B

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Anonymous asked: Are you dealing with heartbreak?

nah, i don’t really have a heart, so there’s nothing to break.

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drinking tea by the window
watching the weather for entertainment
gazing through the glass portal
truly amused at the way it changes
sunshine becomes rain
and lovers become strangers
i gaze through your windows
and see the sunshine slowly fading.

the weather is entertainment
but i hate
how your mood changes.
one day
you love it
the next day
you hate it.
one day
its summer
the next day
its raining.
you change your mind
more than the weather
and i don’t find
it entertaining.

its raining.

but for some reason
i’m staying
to see
if the sun
will shine

through that glass portal
i’ve seen clouds
cover the sun
like vultures
on the corpse of their prey,
and in the same moment
watched the cool breeze
blow all of those clouds away.

making room for the sun’s rays
to shine throughout the day.

so what am i trying to say?
i’m saying that i am here to stay
and i will continue to gaze
through the windows
of your soul
until love
shines again
and brings warmth
to a heart
that’s grown cold…

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Download “Feelingz.” [here]

Dave (The Mohicans) - Feelingz.
Stream/Download - https://justdave.bandcamp.com/album/feelingz